Where can you go for small runs of cardboard packaging?

The quantity needed will determine the method of production. For plain samples of quantities less than 100, depending on size and shape, machine cutting may be the most cost effective.

If a colour prototype is needed, then between 5-20 may be the answer. These "colour mock-ups" and are mainly intended for pre-production purposes i.e. photography, trade shows and presentation.

For larger quantities (printed or plain), forme cutting will most likely be the most economical. We outsource print production locally or overseas depending on quantities and turnaround time. The minimum run is usually 1000.

As a guide, usually the larger the quantity, the lower the per-unit price will become. The inverse of that is: often the smaller the quantity, the higher the per-unit price will be.

We sometimes advise our customers to use plain packaging and printed labels for trialing a product on the market. Although not ideal, by doing this the production costs would be kept to a minimum.

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