Created in 2005 Niche Packaging Specialtie came about by combining the talents and experience of Vizkidz (Graphic Design Studio) and Inline Studios (Structural Packaging Design) to provide a unique service previously not adequately supplied by the cardboard box and carton industries.

We realised there was a "niche" in the market-place producing packaging prototypes, samples, high quality colour mock-ups and small runs of custom designed packaging.

We create structural design of all types folding cartons, corrugated containers, point of sale displays and just about anything made from cardboard!

In addition we are highly skilled in graphic design, not only for packaging but for all forms of print, be it corporate, commercial or industrial.

We have state of the art equipment to offer our customers a full in house mock-up and prototyping service.

Whatever your cardboard packaging needs are, we can assist!

Call us for a quotation or send us a request at "CONTACT US" now!