John joined the box making industry in the UK in 1970. His experience in packaging over many years has covered a diverse range of design projects within the folding carton and corrugated box industries.

Commencing with "hands on" manufacturing experience, John learned many techniques and functions in carton and box manufacturing.

He moved to Australia in 1980 and joined Visy Board Litho's design team. During his ten years with Visy he worked in product development and packaging systems, covering a wide range of design projects for many of Visy's customers.

In 1990, John set up his own business, Inline Studios, as a packaging design consultant. For the next 15 years John offered his clients a full on-site design and sample-making service. Many of Australia's leading carton & box manufacturers sought him for his "lateral thinking" expertise and fresh approach to their design problems.

As one of only a few independent and experienced structural carton designers in Australia, John was asked in 1996 to participate as a Judge on the Southern Cross Packaging Design Awards for students.

After several years of participation, the Packaging Council of Australia asked him to Judge on the Australian Packaging Awards for industry. His interest in other forms of packaging was broadening well outside of cardboard packaging. John's involvement with these awards continued until 2005 when he reluctantly left the judging panel to dedicate more time to his newly formed business, Niche Packaging Specialties.

He was also invited to participate as a Packaging Judge for the Australian International Beer Awards run by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria and the University of Ballarat. Numerous entries from a wide range of countries exposed John to a hot bed of exciting and different packaging designs.

In addition to John's active involvement within the packaging industry in Australia, he has, since 2004, been writing articles about packaging for Asia Pacific Packaging Magazine, writing extensively about packaging, its trends, its direction and most notably the design of successful packaging.

As a result of John's long term involvement with a wide range of packaging issues, and being totally independent of packaging companies, he is sought by many businesses to advise and direct the design and development of new packaging concepts.

In 2007 John became aware of a new packaging invention, Butt-it & Box-it, aimed at making a significant reduction to cigarette butt waste litter, an environmental problem of huge proportions!

Working with the inventor, Mr Barry Ross, John assisted in promoting the invention through his writing of articles in Asia Pacific Packaging Magazine and more recently in the CSIRO publication ECOS magazine. Mr Donald Chambers, National Chair of Keep Australia Beautiful has also been actively involved in tabling the invention with Australian Environment Ministers.

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